Holy Apostles announces its VB tournaments for 2010

HA 2010 Summary VB tourney

8th Girls, A and B, Sept 26th and 26th

8th Boys, October 13-14, October 16-17

6th Girls, October 20-21, October 23-24

5th Boys, Sept 29-30, October 2-3





VB 2010 Schedules and other important info

2010 Parkview VB Ref Schedule Rev 2

2010 Parkview VB ALL Matches by Gym Rev 2

2010 Grade 8 Div 2 Schedule Rev 1

2010 Grade 6 East Schedule Rev 2

2010 Grade 5 East Schedule Rev 2

2010 Grade 5 West Schedule

2010 Grade 6 West Schedule

 2010 Grade 7 Div 1 Schedule

2010 Grade 7 Div 2 Schedule

2010 Grade 8 Div 1 Schedule

2010 Parkview VB ALL Matches by Gym

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2010 Parkview Volleyball Ref List

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2010 VB Scoresheet Example how to fill out

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2010 Parkview VB Roster – PDF

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St. Alphonsus VB Coaching Clinic – August 21

St. Alphonsus Coaches Clinic 2010

 Coaching Clinic – St Alphonsus – August 21

Date:  Saturday, August 21st, 2010                      Cost:  $30.00

Time:  8 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.                                   Checks make payable to: St. Alphonsus

Grades:  5th thru 8th Grade Coaches

Place:  Milwaukee County Sports Complex

           6000 W. Ryan Rd.       Franklin


Contact: Anne Slattery Phone: 414-456-9450              Email: penguin@midwestpenguins.com

Contact: Kim Smazal Phone: 414- 423-1684                 Email: jsmazal@wi.rr.com


Instructor: Anne Slattery-Midwest Penguins club Volleyball Director and Coach of 12 years.  CAP I & II certified through USA Volleyball, and 3 years as Woman’s Head Coach at Carroll College, Waukesha.  In addition, Anne has volunteered time at St. Dominic’s, St. Mary’s and Christ King parishes.


Purpose of Coaches Clinic:  Educate coaches and/ or parents about: volleyball rules, coaching behavior and philosophies, and current teaching strategies.  This course will assist you in knowledge and design of your practices, team management offensive and defensive, and provide you with useful game like drills to improve your athletes.  You will experience both on and off court activities, and receive a volleyball manual.


Course Material

  • Skill Instruction-passing, setting, serving,attacking
  • Offense- 4-2, 4-2 International, 6-2
  • Defense- transition and rotation
  • Drills Emphasized-creating drills, designing game like drills
  • Practice-design a practice
  • Games: preparation, time outs, line ups and strategy


Please send form & check, payable to St. Alphonsus, Mail to: Kim Smazal

                                                                                                          5601 Bentwood Lane

                                                                                                          Greendale, WI 53129                     

Questions: Please e-mail Kim Smazal at: jsmazal@wi.rr.com                          




Phone:                                        Email:

School Affiliation:

Grade:  5th   6th    7th 8th           Circle one: Boys        Girls


SMHC Announces VB Tournament for 2010

St. Mary Hales Corners

2010 Girls Volleyball Tournaments


Dates:    5th grade:              Oct 22nd, *23rd, *24th 

              6th grade:              Oct 29th, *30th, *31st

              7th grade A:           Oct 26th, 28th, *31st

              7th grade B**:        Oct 25th, 27th, *30th

              8th grade A:           Oct 19th, 21st, *24th

              8th grade B**:        Oct 18th, 20th, *23rd

2010 SMHC VB Tournament

Volleyball Coaching Clinic August 18 at St. Matthias

2010 Volleyball Coaching Clinic

St. Charles Hartland 2010 tournament announced

September 8th – 12th
6th Grade Girls
7th Grade Girls
8th Grade Girls
Fee: $130 per team
All teams guaranteed 3 matches
Experienced referees and scorekeepers
Team trophies for 1st and 2nd place
Tournament held during St. Charles Fall Fest – Family Fun!
Complimentary Fall

St Leonard Schedules VB Tournaments

2010 St Leonards Tournament

Girls Open                                                                                     

5th Girls:       Nov. 4, 6                              

6th Girls:       Nov. 5, 6                                                                                   

7th Girls A:   Oct. 21, 22 

8th Girls A:   Oct. 14, 15                                                                               

Girls B     

* 7th  Girls B:  Sept. 30, Oct. 1 

Boys Open

5th Boys:   Sept. 25, 26 

6th Boys:   Oct. 2, 3

7th Boys:    Sept. 18, 19  

8th Boys:   Oct. 9, 10

*     Schools with one team must have had a under .500 record to enter.

VB ref info

2010 Parkview Ref Availability

2010 June Ref Letter

2010 Volleyball handouts

2010 Parkview VB Roster – PDF

2010 Parkview VB Roster Excel format

 2010 Parkview Gen vb info

2010 Parkview Gym Availability

2010 Parkview host gym info

2010 Parkview Team Registration Form

2010 Parkview VB score reporting form

Volleyball Meeting Tonight

St. Mary’s Hales Corners May 26 at 7 pm