Entering students in other leagues

We noticed in the July 30, 2020 edition of The Badger Beacon that the BRYFVL plans to allow private school teams to enter the league.  This email is in no way an attempt to dictate how the BRYFVL should be run nor which teams it should allow in.  It is also not an attempt to deny a parent the opportunity to seek an athletic experience for his / her child.  However, we would like you to be aware of our policy addressing groups of students who choose to play in non-Archdiocese of Milwaukee sanctioned leagues and how our policy may, or may not, impact the BRYFVL.  The policy applies to elementary (grades 3K – 8) schools only.  Our high schools follow the rules and regulations of the WIAA.

We do not have any objection or prohibition on our students playing as a team in a non-Archdiocese of Milwaukee sanctioned league, but the teams may not in any way represent their school.  The following excerpt from Policy 6145.2 addresses this:

All practices and games (independent, league and tournament) must take place during the defined sport season in accordance with the Archdiocesan Sports Standardized Schedule.

This prohibits all schools and parishes from providing coaches, equipment, parish/school names, liability insurance, parish funds, and practice and/or game facilities to their parish/school-based teams to continue play outside the defined sports season. This includes any organized activity such as practices, drills, scrimmages, games, etc.

A group of students (two or more) who attend the same parish/school may participate in a non-archdiocesan sponsored league, such as a recreational league.  However, they may not in any way give the appearance of sponsorship by the parish/school.  This means they may not use the parish/school’s name, colors, athletic team nickname, or any name with an obvious connection to the parish/school.  They may not use any parish/school equipment or be coached by the same person(s) who would coach them in an archdiocesan league.  These prohibitions extend to all grade levels.

Given that we have cancelled our fall athletics season, we consider any athletics to be outside the defined sport season. 

We do want to emphasize that any team wishing to join the BRYFVL, or any similar league, is free to do so but will not have any liability insurance coverage from their school or the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  We also respectfully request that any team in the BRYFVL not use its school name, nickname, nor wear any uniform that would reasonably be associated with that school.

We sincerely hope that your upcoming season goes well, that all athletes have a positive experience, and that all are able to participate safely and be healthy.

Final Standings

Athletic Directors and Basketball Coordinators,

Thank you to everyone for making this another excellent basketball season.  I appreciate all the cooperation and assistance that all of you and your people gave me throughout the year.  If there are any corrections to be made in the standings – please, let me know immediately – especially if it involves a team finishing first, second, or third in their division.

My deepest appreciation to all the basketball officials who worked our games.  Also, thank you to all the coaches, players, and fans for their good conduct and excellent support throughout the season.  

Lastly, please, send me your trophy counts as soon as possible.  I need the information by Wednesday morning, March 4th.  The sooner everyone gets me the counts – the earlier we can get the order in to the trophy supplier – and the quicker we can get the trophies to each of you.  Please, make this a high priority.

Here are the teams that won trophies:

  • Augustine Preparatory – 8BS 7BS 6BS
  • Blessed Sacrament / Our Lady Queen of Peace – 8BS
  • Burlington Catholic – 8BS 7BL 
  • Divine Mercy / St. Thomas Aquinas Academy – 6GS
  • Divine Mercy / St. John the Evangelist 6BS
  • Holy Apostles – 5G(W) 8BL 7BL 6BL 5BW
  • Milwaukee Montessori School – 7BL
  • St. Alphonsus – 6GL 8BL 7BS(G) 7BS(B) 6BL 5BE(G)
  • St. Alphonsus / St. Gregory the Great – 8BS
  • St. Anthony on the Lake – 8GL 6GL 5G 8BL  
  • St. Bruno – 6GS
  • St. Charles Hartland – 8GL 7GS 5BW
  • St. Charles Milwaukee / St. Thomas Aquinas Academy – 6BS
  • St. Gregory the Great / Mary Queen of Saints – 7GL
  • St. Jerome – 7GS 6GL 5G 7BL
  • St. Joseph Big Bend – 6BS
  • St. Leonard – 8GL 7GL 8BL 5BW
  • St. Mary Hales Corners – 6BL 
  • St. Matthew / Divine Mercy – 5BE
  • St. Matthias – 7GL 7BL 5BE
  • St. Matthias / St. John the Evangelist – 6GS
  • St. Peter East Troy – 8BM
  • St. Roman – 8BM
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Academy / Divine Mercy – 7GS
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Academy / Mary Queen of Saints 8BM

One other point of interest – don’t forget to attend the Padre Serra tournament at Marquette University High School starting on March 12th.  The Parkview Parochial League is being represented by ten 8th grade girl’s teams and eleven 8th boy’s team’s.  You will definitely enjoy the experience.  The tournament schedule is on the web site: 

www.thepadreserra.org   Again, please, get those trophy counts in to me as soon as possible.  I will be turning our order over to Alberti’s Trophies Wednesday, March 4th.

Thanks, Bob 

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Saturday Games Cancelled due to weather

Games for Saturday, January 11, 2020, are CANCELLED. We will continue monitoring the weather for tomorrow’s games, but as of right now, we are looking to keep on tomorrow’s games.

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