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VB Standings with trophy list

Final standings with trophy positions for Volleyball 2009

Standings with Trophy Placement

Final VB results are in

Final Volleyball Standings

Extra Half Hour Between Games and scheduling feedback

Now that the Volleyball season is over we are looking for some feedback.  We experimented with an extra half hour on some Saturdays where we had 6 or more matches of 7th or 8th grade if the gym time was available.  I was reffing at two of those situations and the first we were actually ahead of schedule and the team with the double header had to wait over 30 minutes for their next match, and in the other case we were 15 minutes behind and we just rolled right into the next match.  I am interested to hear any feedback you might have on situations you were involved in with this scheduling or any feedback on any other issues that may have come up.  We always welcome feedback and will do whatever we can to improve the League next year. Thanks for all your help in making 2009 a successful season.