St. Roman volleyball tournament dates set

 St Roman VB Tournament 2010

8th Grade – Wed or Thurs, Sat, Sun/Sept. 22 – 26

7th Grade – Thurs or Fri, Sat, Sun/Oct. 14 – 17

 6th  Grade –  Wed or Fri, Sat, Sun/Oct. 20 – 24

5th Grade – Thurs or Fri, Sat, Sun/Oct. 7 – 10

MATCH TIMESWednesday, Thursday and Friday nights will start at 5:30, Saturday and Sundays tentatively start at 4:30

LOCATION St. Roman Betz Center, 1810 West Bolivar Avenue, Milwaukee

FEE$150.00 – Check Made Payable To:  ST. ROMAN ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION

INCLUDES:  1 concession ticket for a free popcorn for each Player  

RULESALL Parkview Parochial League Rules Apply…NO All-Star teams or Combination Teams allowed (MUST use your league roster)

FORMATTeams will start with pool play either  Wednesday, Thursday or Friday night.   Cross-over pool play on Saturday with championship, 3rd place and consolation championship matches played on Sunday.

AWARDSTEAM and INDIVIDUAL trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Consolation Champs, medals awarded to all other participants

 RESERVE YOUR SPOT BY CALLING OR DIRECT ANY INQUIRES TO:  Jeanne Gramza @ 414-587-8509/262-835-4682 or