Cluster Parish updates

The new Archdiocese policy manual is out, and contains the following provisions on combining cluster parishes:
Parishes with an existing athletic program may extend an invitation to their cluster parish partners to form a combined parish athletic program. The following requirements must be met and approved by the Archdiocese Office for Schools and the league director:
• The pastors of each parish in the cluster must give consent for participation in the combined athletic program. The pastor/designee is responsible for athletics at each participating parish.
• Each parish is encouraged to have representation on the athletic board.
• All parishes within the cluster must be invited to participate and approve of the combined athletic program. A cluster without a Catholic school may request to form a combined athletic program with a cluster in geographic proximity that has a Catholic school.
• All interested and eligible students within the designated cluster parishes will be invited and allowed to participate in all sports offered at the parish/school.
• The religious education director and/or principal of each parish confirms, in writing, the eligibility of the students participating in athletics. Player eligibility shall follow all existing Archdiocesan rules.
• The parishes will complete the Request to Form a Combined Parish Athletic Program Form 6145.2 (n) each year and submit it to the league director of the athletic league(s) with which the parishes/schools are affiliated on a yearly basis prior to the beginning of the athletics season.