Basketball Schedules Released.


The link above will take you to the Parkview Parochial League division schedules.  I will send out the PPL gym schedules by the end of the week.  Please, look over the division schedules carefully.  As usual, there are a few oddities in the schedule – it is getting more and more difficult each year working around gym lockouts, conflicts due to dual participation, lesser teams at some schools, special school requests, etc.  As long as I am doing the scheduling, I will continue to honor certain rules that I have set – teams get six home games for the majority of the time, home and home series if at all possible when teams play each other twice during the season, and all games are scheduled at every gym in blocks of three.

As we did last year, the 8th grade girl’s ‘A’ and the 8th grade boy’s ‘A’ divisions will be playing interleague games with the Notre Dame / Don Bosco League.  However, we have added crossover games with the North Shore League this year.  The girls games against Notre Dame teams will be played on two Saturdays, January 10th and January 17th and the boys on Saturday, December 20th.  Interleague games with the North Shore League will be played on Sunday, December 21st for girls and Sunday, January 25th for boys.  The location of the games is on the schedule – but, the times of the games being played at Notre Dame and North Shore gyms is unknown at this time.  As soon as I get those times, I will send out an update of the 8BL and 8GL divisions.

A couple of items – once again, I am instructing our referees to strictly enforce the T-shirt rule – the color of the T-shirt that is worn beneath the basketball uniform must match the basic color of the uniform and all players must wear the same color T-shirts.  Also, uniforms must be tucked in at all times.

The 6th grade boys division has gone back to the larger basketball.

Also, the lane violation rule when shooting free throws has been modified.  Players (not including the free throw shooter) may enter the three second lane as soon as the ball leaves the hand of the free throw shooter.  But, the free throw shooter still may not enter the lane until the ball hits the rim as in the past.

I need updated coach’s lists from the following schools:

Holy Apostles
Notre Dame Middle

St. Alphonsus

St. Mary – Hales Corners

St. Roman

St. Thomas Aquinas

Most of these forms were only partially filled out one month ago in that not all of the coaches were known at the time.  I need this information within the next couple of days.  Please, get this to me so that we have all the coaches names, their phone numbers, their home addresses, and their email addresses.

Please, start working on your merger forms and rosters – the beginning of the season is not that far away.  I have received some of the waiver forms already.
Good Luck to everyone this season!

Thanks, Bob Roloff